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My Love of Gemstones and a Glimpse of my Addiction

Some girls buy lots and lots of shoes, and some girls buy lots and lots of rocks. I am the type of girl that buys rocks. I remember as a little girl wandering in the red deserts of Southern Utah with my Dad looking for fossils and interesting rocks. By the end of the trip my pockets would be heavy with the fruits of my labor. I still have a pouch of miscellaneous rocks that my Grandmother gave me from the Grand Canyon. You know, the small velour bag of rocks that you can buy at dingy rest stops in small towns? I just couldn’t part with them.

Unconsciously I have kept this love of rocks with me all these years. Now my stone collection has grown from rocks found on various travels to gorgeous polished stones from talented lapidary artists around the country. It is crazy how you can take a lump of dirty rock, clean off the mud and cut and polish it to reveal the inner natural beauty of the stone.

Above is just a glimpse of a few of the stones that I have collected over the past year, waiting to be set in silver and worn close to the heart, or on a finger or wrist perhaps.

This stone is the first cab I ever bought and someday it is going to be made into a piece of jewelry for myself.

This stone is one I received in the mail just this last week and is the last stone I bought. I love the colors in this one, it is even better in real life.

So, now you have seen my ugly addiction… but can you blame me? Besides, I could stop any time I wanted to.   … I just don’t want to.


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