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Jewelry For Runners, Inspired by my Mom

I am excited to finally get to share this piece. This little running shoe was inspired by my Mom who is running a half marathon this weekend! I am so proud of her and wanted to make her something special, but different from other inspirational pieces I have seen.
I really loved how it turned out so I am offering it in the shop. I am excited about all the possibilities of this piece and the customization that will be possible. Along with the running shoe charm, I made a little round domed charm that says 13.1, but it could be any distance. For example I might have to make one for myself that says… 2 🙂 I made several other prototypes in copper that say Run or have the distance imprinted on the shoe itself. I can also do a little charm with the race name and the date.
These will be a great gift for accomplished or beginning runners. Click here to see the Just Run necklace in my online store.

3 thoughts on “Jewelry For Runners, Inspired by my Mom

  1. Your momma loves this and will wear it each race I run, just knowing you are proud of me will get me to the finish line! I love you, and you exactly know my taste in jewelry. Thank you

  2. Thanks Mom! I am so glad you liked it. Great job on your race! So when is your marathon 😉

  3. This is awesome! I love the design 🙂

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