Weekly Picks – Have gone Caffinated

As I was wearily pondering the theme for this weeks picks my thoughts started to drift toward the fact I have not yet gone to get my Friday morning latte. And so inspiration caught me and here it is. Check out these great coffee inspired items from Etsy while I go get a latte!


  1. A Perfect Cap By cheryloz
  2. Tea for Two By ArtGarden
  3. Café Mocha Soap By DECAcandle
  4. Blue and Willow Mugs By drgceramics
  5. Mustache Mug – Wild Blueberry By BreadandBadger
  6. Cozy/Cuff – Light Grey By meganauman
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Buy Handmade – Soap from Lathersbylinds on Etsy

I just recieved my handmade soap from LathersbyLinds on Etsy. I was so excited to get it I could hardly wait to take pictures of it. I just wanted to rip it open and use it!


I got two different scents: Citris Morning as well as a bar of Cocoa Grapefruit. The Cocoa Grapefruit is a really great subtle scent and good for those people who don't like anything overpowering. The Citris Morning is my favorite. It is a little stronger and I LOVE citris!


You can check out her etsy shop for more awesome handmade soap.

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Twitter Tip – 10 reasons why someone with an Etsy shop should twitter

Here are ten reasons why I think that not only Etsy sellers, but people in general should use twitter.

  1. Because, Everyone is doing it! Fall to peer pressure my Etsy friends. I mean… come on Oprah did it.
  2. It helps you get information out quickly to people who are interested in what you have to say. They did follow you right?
  3. It allows you to network with people in your industry, or with those who have similar interests.
  4. It can help you build your brand and build relationships with your customers.
  5. It can bring traffic to your Etsy store or blog, and who does not want that?
  6. Have a question? Tweet about it. You may find some great ideas through a twitter convo, or a way to overcome some obstacle you may be having. Also try the search feature, you will be surprised by what you find!
  7. You have access to real time info, like when Jeff Goldbloom died, you would be the first to know… okay well bad example. Just make sure to check your sources 🙂
  8. It not only has the potential remind current customers to visit your site, Twitter can help you bring new business to your shop.
  9. Twitter can help you generate new ideas. New ideas for your blog, for more tweets, and possibly for new products.
  10. All this can be free! It just takes a little time, and who does not want all of the above for free?


Twitter can be a great tool for Etsy sellers and bloggers, you just have to have a little patience and do a little research. The great thing about twitter is that it is what you make of it. The people you follow, and have follow you can either make your twitter experience great, or make your twitter experience horrible. Not everyone tweets about what they had for breakfast today you know.  I am going to be posting more Etsy sellers and bloggers twitter tips next week so "y'all come back now ya hear!" 

How do you use twitter? Any tips or tricks?

You can also follow abellablue on twitter!

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Weekly Picks – Have gone to the dogs

This week I have been puppy sitting my brothers year old corgi in addition to my two dogs, so I have doggies on the brain. This weeks pics were found while browsing around the pet sections of etsy. Check out their shops for some really cool stuff! My dog Moxie is drooling, I think she likes them too!

1. WOOF Driftwood Collar/Leash Organizer Triple – By CarabellaStudio
2. Limited Edition 'Elenore' Hand Embroidered Dog Collar and Leash – By ShopMimiGreen
3. Handstamped sterling PET TAG with paw print charm – By PunkyJane
4. Smiling BORDER COLLIE Dog Original Art Painting 8×8 – By colormutts
5. Help I'm in the Bath – dog bowl – By RedDogBlackDog
6. Pearl's Peanut N' Oats – 1 Dozen – By Thegourmetbone

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Inspirational Quote

Happy Monday everyone!

Today I wanted to share a quote that I recently came across. (I know, I know it has been around forever, but it was new to me.)

Voltaire Quote

This quote was inspiring me today when working on some stuff for Abella Blue. Sometimes I look around the internet and see such great talent I wonder why I even try, because I will not ever be as good as them. But I have to remember that I can only be the best I can be and I should not let that stop me from doing what I love. I have a unique perspective and I love creating in many different forms of media.

I have this quote pasted above my work space to help me stay focused and not feel discouraged. In the past I have shut down when I felt like I would never be as good as someone else, or if I didn't think I could get whatever I was doing just perfect. I think having this quote posted where I can see it every day has helped me create a more positive attitude and be less critical of myself. This in turn has helped me be more adventurous in what I am making and have more fun with it, rather than stress out over tiny little flaws that I would have worked and reworked until I would just give up.

Does anyone else ever feel like this? What are some quotes that you keep close by?

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Abella Blue has a blog!

Hello there and welcome to my blog!

I am still working on the graphic part of this site, but could not wait to start putting up some content. Please check out my About page for more information about me and Abella Blue Studios.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or even just want to chat.

I am currently working on a new line of Jewelry to add to my Etsy Shop. Here is a sneak peak into one of the handmade silver necklaces I am going to be adding soon.



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