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Abella Blue at the Sundance Harvest Market 2016

Sundance Harvest Festival 2016This photo is from the 2016 Sundance Harvest Market.

Fall has come and certainly caught me off guard, in fact we have already had snow up in the mountains. I think fall is my favorite season. I love fire pits, sweater weather, pumpkin spice, and the bite in the air. Fall is also the calm before the storm so to speak, when I have finished up all my summer markets and I get to catch my breath a little before the holidays put me into overdrive.

2016 Vendor at Sundance Harvest Festival

This year I was able to participate in the Sundance Harvest Market which acted as the finale to my market season. The morning started out at 6am a brisk 35 degrees and it was raining. So you can imagine my excitement level and need for some massive amounts of caffeine. During the drive on the freeway my mood nor the rain improved. Once we made it to Provo Canyon and I started to see fall leaves and a glimpse of Bridal Vail Falls surrounded by bursts of orange and yellow, I could feel the caffeine doing its work and I started to perk up a bit. Finally we made it up to Sundance Resort where the festival was held and I knew instantly that it was going to be a great day despite the rain. I can’t even tell you how beautiful it is up there. It seems a bit surreal to be surrounded by the huge mountain peaks covered in snow and the trees showing their full fall foliage. Once the Harvest Festival got going everyone seemed to forget the little sprinkles of rain and had a great time. The music was fantastic, the backdrop was stunning and the people were so nice. I am definitely headed back next year!

I did make a few special items inspired by the ski resort. This handmade sterling silver snowflake pendant was a hit. I designed the snowflake pendant on the computer and then transferred the design to silver sheet metal. Then I used a jewelers saw to hand cut each snowflake from the silver. The center gemstone certainly adds some sparkle and I have several options. Also you can contact me for custom jewelry options if you don’t find the stone you were hoping for.

handmade moonstone snowflake necklace

handmade moonstone snowflake necklace


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New Gemstone piece – Agua Nueva Agate

Handmade artisan pendant

Agua Nueva Agate, Sterling silver, and amethyst accents

I had a really hard time letting this stone go. I am particularly fond of the naturally purple stones and this one is a beauty. Shades of lavender and white swirl through the stone. There are some rusty colored stripes which give some really nice contrast, but what makes this stone so unique is the small drusy pocket near the center of the stone. The crystals look like sugar. The design for this piece went through many changes, and in the end I decided that the stone spoke for itself and needed to be the focal point of the piece.

I hope you like it!

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What I am working on?

Here are a few things I worked on this weekend. I finally finished a few of the gemstone rings and pendants I posted some in progess photos of before. I also have been working on improving my new studio space. This weekend I painted and hung (with the help of my boyfriend, thanks Scott!) a peg board to help organize some of my tools and supplies. I am always surprised at the number of tools I have collected in the short time that  I have been pursuing metalwork. Oh, yes, and I added a light above the bench to help me see what I am doing. I posted some pictures of my studio space when it was first set up in an earlier post.

My metalsmith studio

Want to see what other talented metalsmiths are working on? Check out the great blogs below!

Check out the awesome artists below and see what they are working on.

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Heading to the Hills

Puppies at the Lake

That is exactly what we are doing this weekend. I get to spend some quality time with the people I love up in the Utah mountains. Lucky for us my grandparents have a lovely cabin that they so graciously share with us. This cabin is the background for many of my fondest childhood memories, and I can’t wait to get up there. It is an adorable thing that my Grandpa built with his own two hands. The air is fresh and the water is cool. The pups are going to have a great time.

I hope your weekend is fantastic!

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How does your garden grow?

I am enjoying this garden thing far too much. Here is a picture of our garden after we first planted it.


And here it is just a few days ago –



It is 6′ x 3′. So it is on the smallish side. We hadn’t ever grown a thing in our lives so we thought we would start out small and then if we didn’t just kill everything we would expand next year. We have 3 different kinds of tomatoes, some green and orange peppers, and some soybeans on the far right. I also have a ton of herbs growing in pots on my patio. I will share those in another post.

How are your gardens doing?


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First Fruits – Our first garden

First green pepper of the year

This year we decided to start a garden. This is the first time I have ever attempted such a thing, and actually have the reputation of having a black thumb. But, so far so good. This little guy is our first “born”, we affectionately call him Alberto. It is so amazing to watch the garden sprout up and blossom. We are hooked and are planning on expanding next year.

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Settling In – New Studio Space!

My new basement metalsmithing studio

It is mine! All mine! I know it doesn’t look like much, but I am in love. This is my new studio space! My own space to create, and to do with whatever I please. I am so excited to get to move this stuff out of the bedroom! This photo just after lugging all this equipment down the stairs, so there is a bit of adjustment going on. It has been so fantastic to have all of my tools, supplies and books all in one room, instead of scattered about the house and shed. I can escape here and blast my favorite music without worrying about interrupting anyone else. My tumbler, pickle and torch are in all the same room. My kiln even has its own special outlet. Yesterday I went and just sat in there spinning in my chair with excitement. I have big plans for this room, just wait and see! Next on the list is lighting, a pegboard, and some sort of ventilation. Oh, and shelving. One can never have too many shelves!

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New Work Waiting to be Polished

Sterling silver Jewelry waiting to be polished

I have a few pieces sitting on my workbench that are just waiting to be polished up and have their stones set that I thought I would share. Polishing is messy business, using various compounds to get the piece to a high shine. Because it is so messy I usually wait until I have a pile of goodies to polish before I start the undertaking. It still amazes me how ugly the metal looks before the final polishing and finishing stage.

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Here Comes the Sun

Snow Capped Mountains

June 8, 2011

I am so ready for good weather. Warm, hot sunny weather. I want to be able to trek through the mountains and smell the sweet scent of wild flowers. As you can see, we still have quite a bit of snow up in them thar hills. In fact one ski resort is going to stay open until July 4th. This year I want to spend more time up there. The mountains are what is great about this state and I want to go exploring. We have been slowly adding to our camping arsenal and we are ready to go. Now we just need the sun to shine and the storms to recede.

I am excited to get up there and hike through the endless trails. What are your plans this summer?

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