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February Birthstone – Amethyst

February Birthstone Amethyst

Happy Birthday to all you February babies! February’s birthstone is the sparkling Amethyst. This popular stone is actually quartz and refers specifically to the purple variety. This lovely gemstone is quite popular because not only is it beautiful it is also quite affordable. Did you know that Amethyst jewelry was once worn because it was believed that it helped you keep a clear head and avoid getting intoxicated. Amethyst was also a gemstone for royalty in the middle ages, and was as valuable as diamonds and rubies.

Amethyst Details:


Amethyst Cleaning and Care:

Because of its hardness, amethyst is great to use in all kinds of jewelry. But you do need to care for it to keep it looking its best. You should keep your amethyst out of direct sunlight and avoid extreme heat. This means no storing it on a window sill or leaving it in your hot car during the summer. This can change the color of your stone and the lovely purple can dull. It is also important to avoid contact with household cleaners and beauty products, like hairspray. This also includes pools and hottubs. Besides the heat the chemicals aren’t the best for your jewelry. You can clean your amethyst jewelry with a soft toothbrush or cloth and a mix of mild dish soap and warm water. Gently scrub around and under the stone to clean off any gunk and you will see a big improvement if you haven’t done this before. If in doubt take it to a professional to get cleaned. Silver does tarnish over time and a professional cleaning can have your piece looking nearly new again.

Amethyst Jewelry by Abella Blue

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Take a Peek at – Amethyst

Here is my first installment of my gemstone series. In order to learn a little more about the stones I use I thought it would be helpful to post a little of what I have found out here.

The first stone in this series is Amethyst, which also happens to be February’s birthstone. True Amethyst is the purple form of quartz. This stone can exhibit a wide range of purple shades from lilac to the most valuable form, a deep purple. It can come in many cuts as well from a smoth polished bead, to a rough cut druzy. Its versitility makes it a great fit for use in jewelry. I like to use this stone in a lot of my work just because of the punch of color this little stone can have.

The name amethyst actually comes from Ancient Greece and was believed to ward off the effects of drunkenness. The name comes from a Greek word that means “not drunk”.

Amethyst can be found around the world, such as Russia, Africa, Brazil, and the United States.

A little color theory: The color purple is associated with royalty and symbolizes power, nobility, luxury and ambition. It is also associated with wisdom, creativity, mystery, and magic. It can be uplifting, and encourage creativity.

When purchasing Amethyst the color and clarity of the stone can a huge factor on the price. The darker and clearer the stone, the more expensive it will be. Be careful of purchasing “green amethyst” as I have just found out. Being green means, it is not actually amethyst because amethyst has to be purple for it to be given that name. Green Quartz is a lovely clear colored stone with a green tint to it, and while it can be a beautiful stone, it is not actually Amethyst.

Photos from image above listed from left to right –
Faceted Amethyst Teardrop Briolette by aaarealgem

Petite Amethyst faceted heart briolettes by gemaliciousbeads
Light Purple Amethyst Spiral Briolettes by Fabulousrocks

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New Installment – Take a peek at Gemstones

Blue Fire Flashy Labradorite faceted center drilled teardrop briolettes by gemaliciousbeads on EtsyWhen I started out on this little jewelry making journey, I had no idea the number of different hats I would have to wear (so to speak). One of those hats is that of a geologist. I remember walking into my first gem show and my jaw hit the floor with all the different types and grades and cuts of gemstones. So, to help me learn and also to share my research I am going to start doing mini research projects on gemstones and sharing my findings here.

There is so much to learn and so many different stones, each with unique properties and cuts and colors. Have a look on Wednesday to see the first installment of this series on amethyst. I love this stone and use it in a lot of my designs, it is also Febrary's birthstone.


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