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2016 Handmade Pet Lovers Gift Guide

Looking for a gift for your favorite pet loving friend or family member? Check out the 2016 pet lovers gift guide! There are some really great unique handmade pet gifts that are sure to be perfect for someone on your list. My Pawprint necklace is featured below, and can be found in the shop.


2016 Pet lovers handmade gift guide


  1. Custom Pet Portraits by Leah Davies
  2. Heart in Paw Print Necklace from Abella Blue
  3. French Bulldog Pillow from Patti Haskins
  4. Felted Cat Planter from The Yarn Kitchen
  5. Orange Popsicle Pet Odor Eliminating Candle from Classic City Gift
  6. Personalized Cat Stationery by Modern Pink Paper
  7. Orange Fox Bookends by Atelier Article
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My Sketchbook – and my unnatural and totally irrational fear of it

I used to keep a sketchbook. I loved my sketchbook. I loved being able to pull it out at any moment to keep my hands busy or to jot down a thought I had. I kept a sketchbook for years, then I stopped. I had no really good reason for stopping. I just did. One day I got to the last page of my tattered sketchbook and it was full and that was it. Months went by and I could not bring myself to replace it. So skip to just a few months ago. I saw this lovely little book that was in the clearance bin at the book store and I bought it. Great, right? I finally replaced my sketchbook and could again experience the joy that being able to doodle to my hearts content provided me. Except… I can’t bring myself to even put a mark in it. I am intimidated by it’s pretty cover and the thick textured paper. What if I make a mistake? It would be such a shame to mar the pretty pages of this cute little book. Which brings me to my question.

Why am I intimidated by this inanimate object?

While I sit and ponder about this question. Here are a few lovely handmade sketchbooks I found on Etsy.


Sketchbook by SomaVenus on Etsy


Sketchbook by VersoBooks on Etsy


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