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New Handmade Running Jewelry & More

We have been busy in the studio. Here is a look at a new piece of my handmade running jewelry plus a few other pieces that have come out of the studio.

This first piece is an addition to my running jewelry line. A sterling silver disk with a charming running shoe cutout. To personalize the piece the wearer can put the distance or even initials on the front.


I have been working on expanding my offering of personalized handmade jewelry. This next piece I made for close family friends and gave the mother and two daughters each a matching pendant with their initial.

Personalized Mothers Necklace

Cowgirl Necklace Ivy & Prehnite Necklace Purple Plume Ivy Ring Cheerleader necklace

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New Work – Crazy Lace Agate Cocktail Ring

Handmade Cocktail Rings

I just finished up on these rings and wanted to share. Some of you might have seen one of them on my facebook page, but now I have some semi-decent pictures. I got the lovely golden and red stone at a local mineral club show, it was really fun getting to see some local stone cutters and I always like supporting other makers. The color of this stone is gorgeous and has some stunning reds and golds swirling through it. This ring band is quite substantial, and is imprinted with a trailing vine pattern. I gave the ring an antiqued finish that really brings out the colors of the stone and the detail in the ring band. The lavender stone is an Amethyst Sage Agate and has wispy cloud of white in it as well as some other fun inclusions that really make it one of a kind.

Recently I decided to make a big purchase for this little studio and I invested in a rolling mill. Basically it is two rollers with a huge crank that you can squash metal through. Sounds exciting? Yes it is! Well, I suppose you have to be a special person to think that sounds exciting, just trust me when I say that it is. Anyway, the one technique that really drew me into getting the mill is to be able to impress designs into silver by rolling it through the mill, which is how I made the texture on the ring band. I etched a piece of brass with my design and then ran it through the rolling mill with the silver sandwiched against it. I love the antique flavor that it gives the piece and I always love playing with my own patterns.

These two lovelies will make their way into the shop soon! Here is the red stone ring in my etsy shop.

Stone Cocktail Ring

Violet Statement Ring

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Stocking Stuffers

Things have been happily busy here in the Abella Blue Studio. We are quickly coming up on the last day to order for guaranteed delivery by Christmas. (See my post on holiday deadlines to find out the details). Here are a few new pieces that have been added to my Etsy shop. I am hoping to add them to my web store soon but I have orders that need to be sent.

These would make some great stocking stuffers.

1. Soccer Necklace – This would make a great gift for the player in your life. I can even add their number to the front of the pendant.

2. Paw Print Square Studs – A cute stud earring for those who love their pets.

3. Nature lover necklace – A cute token to wear around your neck.

4. Turquoise vine earrings – I almost kept these for myself. The contrast of the turquoise and silver is lovely and they have lever backs for those that are prone to loosing their earrings. (like me!)

5. Square vine studs – These are fantastic every day earrings. They go with everything and look great.

6. I love Ballet – Do you know a dancer? Well this is for them. I cut each point shoe by hand from sterling silver sheet.

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New Jewelry & some news

It has been a little while since the last update. A lot has been going on, both in my personal life and with Abella Blue. The biggest change affecting my business was that I was unfortunately part of a large scale layoff. So, for the time being I have the unique opportunity to work on my business full time. Also, if you have sent me correspondence in the past two weeks or so, it looks like the contact page was not working correctly. I am so sorry and it looks like everything is up and running correctly again. So if you sent me something and I didn’t respond please send it again! Thanks for understanding.

Here are some new goodies that have found their way into my Etsy shop. You may have seen the maple pendant before if you follow Abella Blue on Facebook.


Given my new unemployed status, expect more updates soon.


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Sneak Peek for New Running Jewelry

New running jewelry


I have been working on a secret project and am excited to share a sneak peek with you. I have to admit that I had been dragging my feet on introducing this into my running line because it isn’t a material I have worked with before. But, I finally took the plunge and ordered the supplies. After a few days of anxiously checking my mail box the package finally came on Monday.

I am delighted to begin offering this piece in my running jewelry line and the big reveal is on Friday in the Running Jewelry section of my shop. In the meantime, here is a little peek at what I am working on.

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Shop Update – New running jewelry and more

It seems like there haven’t been enough hours in the day lately. Between the good weather and orders I haven’t had much time to add new things to the shop, well… here it is.

These are some tiny running shoe stud earrings. You can see them in my running jewelry section of the shop. I am excited to expand the running line. I have been thinking about this line a lot lately and big changes and additions are in the works.

Sterling silver studs with garnet gemstones

These little studs are the beginning of a new line. They are little cupped sterling silver discs with a garnet gemstone bezel set in the middle. These have been great by themselves or in a second set. You can find them in the post earrings section of the shop.

Last but not least I have added this lovely textured piece to my One of a kind jewelry section.

I have been busy and loving every minute of it. I just ordered a new tool that I am really excited about and will hopefully share the results with you soon!

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A few more new pieces of handmade jewelry

I have been busy, and it has felt good. I have a bundle of new stones waiting for me at the post office and some silver on the bench. I have set a goal for myself to have 144 things in my Etsy shop by March 5th. From the date that I started, that means I need to make an average of two things a day. This is a huge goal for me and I am a little terrified to tell you the truth. But, I think so far I am on track. As soon as the sun comes back out I have a handful of other things to photograph and add to the shop. Here are a few of my new pieces just added to the shop.

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New Handmade Customized Initial Jewelry

Just added to the shop are these new custom initial necklaces. The little details make these such a unique piece. The edges are slightly textured and they are cupped to give them some dimension. I choose to use a slightly more expensive chain and I think it fits my style perfectly. It is a long and short link chain in sterling silver. I hand finish the chain by adding my own clasp and ring for hanging.

So far I have the single initial design, and the couples design. The couples design has two initials along with a hand cut and textured heart charm to hang from the chain. The sample piece I made for myself with my initial and my boyfriends, I have been wearing it all weekend and love it.

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