Abella Blue at the Sundance Harvest Market 2016

This photo is from the 2016 Sundance Harvest Market. Fall has come and certainly caught me off guard, in fact we have already had snow up in the mountains. I think fall is my favorite season. I love fire pits, sweater weather, pumpkin spice, and the bite in the air. Fall is also the calm before the storm so to speak, when I have finished up all my summer markets and I get to catch my breath a little before the holidays put me into overdrive. This year I was able to participate in the Sundance Harvest Market which acted […]more

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Here Comes the Sun

I am so ready for good weather. Warm, hot sunny weather. I want to be able to trek through the mountains and smell the sweet scent of wild flowers. As you can see, we still have quite a bit of snow up in them thar hills. In fact one ski resort is going to stay open until July 4th. This year I want to spend more time up there. The mountains are what is great about this state and I want to go exploring. We have been slowly adding to our camping arsenal and we are ready to go. Now […]more

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