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About Abella BlueHi, and welcome to Abella Blue.

My name is Jessica, and I am the one woman team running the shop. I wield a torch and hammer to transform a simple sheet of metal into something special. You can usually find me in my studio. A symphony of hammer, saw and drill can be heard throughout the house.My process usually begins with my sketchbook. My best ideas come unexpectedly and blossom when pencil hits the page. My sketchbook is a playground that I can explore ideas, good and bad. When I feel especially inspired by a design I move to metal and stone and slowly the piece turns into a tangible item. There is a point just before the piece is cleaned and polished when I can start to see what it will become and this moment is what excites me. Before this moment the piece, blackened by flame, can be hard to picture. But with a bit of faith and elbow grease the silver begins to sparkle and the finished product begins to reveal itself.

My journey in metal began in 2009. Each piece I have made has been a building block in my path of developing skills and knowledge in this wonderful medium. I look forward to the future, to growth and excitement.

Hearing back from clients about how much they love their piece is what keeps me pushing forward. It is always such a thrill to get feedback from someone who purchased my work. My new running line of jewelry began as a gift for my Mother to celebrate her running a half marathon. I had no idea that it would take off as it has, but the best part is to hear the stories from clients. For their daughters who run track, to surprise a friend, or to celebrate their own first race. It is incredibly inspiring.

I appreciate all the wonderful people who help me keep this small handmade business going and growing.

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